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Usage characteristics of air knife
Nowadays, air knives play an important role in modern industry. As we all know, air knives are energy-saving drying equipment which can remove water and blow dust. For example, dust and moisture on the surface of steel plates, aluminum alloy profiles and other materials can be treated quickly and effectively. In addition, many people are not familiar with it. Air knives can also remove water, impurities and dust inside various bottles, and they can be effectively dried and cleaned by air knives. At this time, many people will be surprised, so what are the specific use characteristics of air knives? Actually very simple:

Coanda Air Knife

In order to have a good understanding of the use characteristics of air knives, Manvac, an air knife manufacturer, takes everyone to understand its own characteristics: First, air knives are usually made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and stainless steel air knives and spider hand air knives are the main ones. Moreover, after special electroplating treatment, the service life of air knife is much longer than that of other similar products. In addition, there is no worn original inside the air knife. Because the gasket inside is made of stainless steel, the service life is as long as 10 years. In addition, the air knife can also be used in explosion-proof environment, which is basically suitable for all environments in the market.
Stainless Steel Air Knife

The working principle of the air knife is mainly to compress air into the air knife, then blow out the air at high speed through the airflow sheet with the surface thickness less than 0.06 mm, and then generate the total high-intensity impact in the future through the famous Coenda air knife effect combined with the special shape of the air knife itself. From the professional point of view of air knife drying system, air knives can be divided into standard air knives and super air knives. The difference between them is that super air knives blow out the wind horizontally, while standard air knives blow out the wind after deflecting 90.

 blower is a professional manufacturer of various types and models of air knives. Manvac always insists that customer satisfaction is the best harvest and the business philosophy that customers are God. After years of development and growth, it has grown into a leader in air knife drying industry, providing various high-quality high-tech products for all walks of life.