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The difference of working principle between explorer air blower and other blowers
As we all know, in the mechanized equipment industry, the development of high-strength and lightweight system technology of components is not only reflected in the two key points of technology and process, but more importantly, improving product quality and reducing cost. Because it is convenient for maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, it is a great improvement to the product. Explorer air blower plays an important role in environmental protection, energy saving, safe and stable development for the key components of blower and the development of industry strengthening materials. At present, the blower industry in the domestic market is used to manufacture super blower impeller and high-speed centrifugal blower, which play a leading role in the industry.

According to many years' experience analysis of
Manvac, it is known that the technical level of Explorer Air Blower and some centrifugal blowers has reached the top technical level of similar foreign products. Now, with the interdependence and promotion of the localization of national technical equipment and the comprehensive management strength of the wind turbine industry, the wind turbine has achieved coordinated development. In addition, the implementation of the localization policy of technical equipment provides a historical development opportunity for the wind turbine industry. After ten or twenty years' unremitting efforts, it not only fundamentally changed the passive situation that the high-speed centrifugal blower and explorer air blower were completely dependent on imports. Moreover, the wind turbine industry has gradually become China's equipment manufacturing industry, with the leading position in production scale, technical strength, process equipment, competitiveness and technology, and leading the international advanced level industry in the same industry.

Explorer air 
blower is mainly composed of impeller and casing. In the past, the impeller of blower was directly installed on the motor, and the medium and large blowers were connected with the motor through couplings or pulleys. Centrifugal blowers generally have one-side air intake, with a single-stage impeller, and two back-to-back impellers can be used to intake air on both sides, also known as double-suction centrifugal blowers. Its geometric shape, size, number of blades and manufacturing accuracy have great influence on its performance.

Relationship between Explorer Air Blower and Blower: Blower is the abbreviation of gas compression and gas conveying machinery in China. Generally speaking, blowers include fans, blowers, compressors, centrifugal blowers, Explorer air blowers and super blowers, but do not include positive displacement blowers and compressors such as compressors. Explorer is a product type of blower and another name of blower. The working principle of Explorer blower is basically similar to that of turbo compressor, except that because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure changes little, the gas can be treated as incompressible fluid without considering the change of gas specific volume.