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Installation Programs and Precautions of Disc Diffuser
Disc Diffuser is the latest aeration device developed in 1980s. It has small aeration bubble diameter, small gas-liquid interface diameter, large gas-liquid boundary area, uniform bubble diffusion, no perforation blockage and strong corrosion resistance. This news will tell you about the installation programs and installation precautions, so you can install disc diffuser more smoothly.

Installation Programs:

First of all, the regulator should be fixed at the bottom of the pool with expansion bolts according to the required size.

Then fix the air distribution pipeline on the regulator with a hoop.

In order to prevent other operations, such as welding sparks and civil works, heavy objects such as concrete from damaging the aeration device, the aeration head must be installed before discharging water after the civil works.

In order to prevent the pipeline and connecting parts from leaking, water should be drained for leakage test at the bottom depth of about 10cm above the aeration head.

Then, if any air leakage is found in the pipeline connection part, it should be eliminated in time, and then put into operation formally. 


Installation Precautions:

1. Must use the special adhesive provided by the supplier or purchased according to the requirements of the supplier of pipe fittings.

2. Keep the bonding surface clean, and it is strictly prohibited to bond under rainy or wet conditions.

3. Do not use dirty brushes or brushes with different materials for bonding operation.

4. Do not use dirty or oily cotton yarn to wipe the interface of pipes and fittings.

5. Do not operate near a fire source or in a place with an open flame.

6. During the construction process, attention should be paid to the cleanness of the inside of the pipeline to avoid the entry of sundries.

7. It is forbidden to enter the water within 24 hours after the pipeline is bonded. When the air humidity is high, the time should be lengthened properly.