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Cleaning and maintenance of air bearing blower filter screen
Many manufacturers know how to maintain the filter screen by air bearing blower. After air bearing blower is used for a period of time, the filter must be maintained. So how can we maintain it? Today, we will lead you to have a look.

After being used for a period of time, a large amount of impurities will be deposited on the filter screen in the inlet muffler or sound insulation cover, which will lead to the increase of equipment suction and the decrease of flow rate. At this time, it is necessary to clean the filter screen in time to continue using it.

Blower soundproof cover

1. When cleaning the filter screen of the inlet muffler of Roots blower, if the filter screen surface is dirty, it needs to be cleaned to achieve the effect (note: the filter cotton needs to be replaced at this time, and the filter cotton cannot achieve the filtering effect after washing).

2. If it is found that the stainless steel wire on the filter plate of blower silencer is deformed or damaged after cleaning, it needs to be replaced and used in time.

3. When the filter screen surface of the inlet muffler of the air bearing blower is not very dirty, it can be cleaned with clean compressed air on both sides until dust particles cannot be seen in eyes.

4. When cleaning impurities, attention should be paid to the shielding protection on the filter screen of Roots blower muffler, so that deformation and damage will not occur. Otherwise, the filter grid after reinstalling the air bearing blower cannot play its due role.

5. Clean the air filter once every half month. Avoiding unnecessary troubles helps to form the correct habit of keeping filters at all times.