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Application of Air filter barrels
Air filter barrels are widely used in industrial vacuum systems, which can effectively prevent solid particles or dust from being sucked into vacuum pumps or vacuum systems, reduce pump wear, improve pump operation reliability and prolong pump service life.
The metal shell of air filter barrel is firm and durable, which is suitable for heavy load requirements of industrial use. It adopts seamless tensile metal shell with copper welding joint, which has high air tightness, large scale tolerance space, easy cleaning, simple and quick replacement of filter element, and easy installation. 

Installation method of air filter barrel:
The filter barrel is installed at the air inlet of the large blower to filter the impurities and dust in the air inlet, keep the inside of the blower clean and prolong the service life of the blower

Maintenance of air filter barrel products:
Clean the inner wall of the filter barrel and the filter element regularly to ensure smooth air intake and avoid the imbalance of internal pressure of the blower caused by blockage, which will affect the service life of the blower. If necessary, replace the filter element to maintain the filtering level.
Application industry of vacuum filter barrel

Meltblown cloth machinery industry 

Dental machinery industry 

Vacuum industry