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What are single-phase and three-phase power supply systems?
Single-phase electrical system is a kind of household electrical system. There is a power supply suitable for household appliances, but the three-phase electrical system is used for industrial application of large machines. A lot of electricity is needed. And there may be electrical connections for various buildings. In the same area, two types of power systems have different apparent voltages. 


Single- phase voltage 


Single-phase electricity will provide 220-230 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz. Two wires are assembled, two types of wires are called phase wires and wires will have a letter written on the letter L (line) to test whether there is light, and measure the power with a screwdriver. If you touch the screwdriver bit, it will light up. This means that the power cord has passed through it. The other cable is the neutral line, also called the center line, which is marked as N (Neutral). If you look closely, you will find that if you use a screwdriver to check one of the lights, there will be only two sockets in the house. There seems to be no response. It seems that there is no current flowing, but it seems that the current is normal when the household appliance is plugged in and activated and checked again


This is because the usage must be inserted into two channels, and more than two cables will be shared in the power cord, so that the power supply is complete. It also includes a plug with three sockets. Another socket is a grounding plug, which can prevent electric leakage and may damage electrical appliances and people at home. There will be a convenient installation and easy installation. The installation cost is low, but in the long run, it is not worth it because it is wasteful.


Three-phase voltage 


All kinds of electrical equipment and large machines in factories In fact, this kind of electrical system is more commonly used in industrial machines in factories than in homes. Because of the high voltage of industrial machines, even lighting equipment in factories needs a lot of lighting, and the opening time is usually turned on at the same time. But this is not to say that the three-phase power system cannot work in the house. However, it can not directly use three-phase electricity with various electrical appliances, but must be divided into three groups of three-phase electricity, each group of three-phase, and distributed at various points in the house, focusing on the balanced current with equal average power consumption of each house. It can be used together with suitable electrical appliances and household lighting, and it can also reduce electricity bills.


 However, since the electrical insurance and installation costs must be paid at the same time, the use of three-phase electrical system requires complicated and expensive installation. However, in the long run, it can save more electric energy than the first phase. This is because it is charged in kilowatt hours and charged at a gradual rate. This means that if the power consumption is high, the electricity bill will be high. Among them, the use of three-phase power supply system is distributed in one phase, and each phase means that the power consumption of each phase is less than that of single-phase active power.


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