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Characteristics of self-sinking oxygen increasing pipe
1. There are micropores on the pipe wall, and the bubbles produced by contact with water are all small bubbles, which will inevitably make convection from the bottom of the water to the water surface, thus playing a stable role in turning over water. It can greatly increase the oxygen content in water, and change from anaerobic environmental water to aerobic environmental water.


2.Used in high-density aquaculture, generally a 3000W aerator is matched with a 1000-meter aerator, which can be used for high-density aquaculture with a water area of 6667m2. 


3.Simple assembly, low level requirement, no maintenance and long service life.


4.Significant energy-saving effect, saving a lot of electricity and reducing expenses.


5.When there is no aeration in deep water area, it is squashed due to the influence of static pressure, which can prevent the blockage of dirt.


6.The hose can be changed in shape at will, which is suitable for the use and layout of various fields.


7.It is suitable for oxygenation work in industrial fish culture workshop, hatching workshop, pond fish culture, live fish transportation and other fields.