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New product release, heat insulation and waterproof high pressure blower
The conventional high-pressure blower has a temperature resistance of about 120°C and a protection grade of IP54. The high-temperature bearing can withstand 200 degrees and can accept a small amount of rainwater outdoors, but the air inlet can not inhale water vapor or liquid. When water vapor is inhaled, water and a small amount of dust will condense, and the impeller will easily scratch and cause damage when running. Water and dust will also damage the bearing in the front cover of the blower. When the traditional high-pressure blower is used outdoors, it is best to add a simple protective cover.

The newly developed heat-insulation and waterproof high-pressure blower has lengthened the motor bearing, and the bearing inside the front cover has been improved to the rear end of the blower, and the high-temperature bearing is adopted, which can resist high temperature above 300 C. The gap between the impeller and the front cover is larger, which has the function of high temperature resistance and water resistance. The air inlet can absorb water and steam, thus meeting the special needs of customers. In the application of suction, the air inlet can be equipped with a filter bucket, which uses stainless steel filter instead of traditional paper filter. The following are the models that we can make waterproof and high temperature resistant:


2MV 810-H27   7.5KW                       2MV 810 H17   5.5KW                     

2MV 710 H37   4KW                          2MV 710 H26   3KW                       

2MV 610 H16  2.2KW                        2MV 610 H06  1.6KW

2MV 510 H16  1.5KW                        2MV 510 H06  1.1KW

2MV 410 H06  0.75KW                      2MV 310-H06 0.55KW

2MV 210 H16  0.4KW