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Application of pressure relief valve
Working principle of pressure relief valve:
 Air Blower pressure relief valve is installed on the inlet & outlet. When the pressure exceeds the pressure value

set by the blower, or the pressure fluctuation amplitude in the blower exceeds the set value, the 

pressure relief valve will open all within 0.2 seconds to release the excess pressure through the air flow, 

then the blower can be avoid to be overload. When the blower pressure is reduced to a safe value, the

valve will slowly closed and will not cause the second pressure fluctuation. The outside material of the

pressure relief valve is plastic and internal is steel mesh, acid and wet corrosion.


Material: Plastic & Aluminum

Model: RV-01 , Pressure: 0-300mbar
Model: RV-02 , Pressure: 300-600mbar

Dimension: G 1 1/4"

Judge the running state of the blower through the pressure relief valve.
Manvac 2MV 810 high pressure blower has dual-purpose of blowing and suction,
and is mostly used in air drying industry. The direction of pressure relief valve in
vacuum cleaner industry determines the direction of blowing and suction to ensure
the normal operation of the blower. The maximum pressure can reach 40kpa, and
the pressure valve with full load is set at 27kpa. As a safety device, the pressure
gauge is very important. The performance changes of 20kpa or so determine the
state of air inlet. The pressure valve can safely protect the blower when the air inlet
is blocked.