Product Details

Model Power Stage Max Air flow Max Pressure Max Vacuum Weight
AT-70  5.5KW  1 Stage  1200 m3/h  241 mbar 224 mbar  93 kgs
AT-85  7.5KW  1 Stage  1444 m3/h  259 mbar 224 mbar 105 kgs
AT-100  11KW  1 Stage  1700 m3/h  241 mbar 220 mbar 130 kgs
AT-100  15KW  1 Stage  1700 m3/h  250 mbar 230 mbar 138 kgs
AT-150  15KW  1 Stage  2124 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 145 kgs
AT-150  18.5KW  1 Stage  2124 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 155 kgs
AT-200  22KW  2 Stage  3400 m3/h  241 mbar 224 mbar 198 kgs
AT-300  22KW  Stage  4248 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 200 kgs
AT-300  30KW  Stage  4248 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 223 kgs

Every MANVAC Centrifugal Blower is constructed with the utmost attention to detail using the highest quality parts, held to strict tolerances. Each rotating component and subassembly is precision balanced before, during and after assembly. 
The entire unit is then subjected to a rigorous testing phase for vibration, noise and overall performance.
No blower leaves the factory without meeting our high standards, to ensure we are delivering the finest centrifugal blower available. 


  • Compact design
  • IEC Approved Motors
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Longer life
  • Oil-free operation
  • Air cooled units up to 49 deg.C inlet air temperature
  • Water cooled units upto 162 deg.C inlet air temperature
  • Automatic belt tensioning (1 minute belt change – no tools required)
  • Low maintenance for continuous duty
Manvac High Speed Centrifugal Blower Performance characteristics:
● Using the European IE2/IE3 standard (ABB or SIEMENS) high efficiency motor
● Oil free operation, clean air output, without any oil pollution
● Special transmission structure (impeller speed up to 13000~28400r/min)
● The surface of the Teflon coating, suitable for operation of acidic and corrosive environment
● Using Sweden SKF and Japan NSK genuine genuine high speed precision bearing,
   to ensure high speed and stable operation
● Special fluid design, energy efficiency ratio of more than 70%
  (2 times higher than ordinary high-pressure blower)
● Super large air volume and super power saving capacity  
  (2~3 times production efficiency and power saving over 60%)