Product Details

 Blower Single Frequency Output Voltage Rated MAX Rated Rated Sound  N.W.
Double Power Air Flow Suction Discharge
  Stage Hz V KW m3/h mbar mbar dB(A) Kg
LD 075 H43 R18 single 50 200-240/345-415Y 7.5 530 -400 430 80 68
60 220-275/380-480Y 8.6 620 -430 460 82

Manvac side channel blower features:

1.       vacuum and blowing fuction can be used at the same time.

          can be running at 50Hz and 60Hz at the same time.

2.       oil-free type ring blower,make sure oulgoing air is totally pure.

3.       high pressure,large air flow ,low noise and light weight.The space between impeller and casing;

          rotor and cover is very tiny,make sure the pressure will be higher.

4.       Impellers are special designed,in order to make itself high precision,durable,large air flow and longer working life.

5.       Reliable quality,LD series ring blower can be working at above 5000M sea leval
          and it can also bear high temperature and cold temperature.

6.       Maintaince free design within 12 months.

7.       CE,CCC,certificate