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Stainless steel air knife
Stainless steel air knife
Model:Stainless steel air knife
  • Phase:
  • Stage:
  • Frequency: (HZ)
  • Power: (kw)
  • Voltage: (V)
  • Current: (A)
  • AirFlow: (m3/h)
  • Vacuum: (mBar)
  • Pressure: (mBar)
  • Sound: (Db)
  • Weight:10 (kg)
Dimensions(L*W*H):1000 (mm)
Product Details

Stainless steel air knife

1.Outlet: 0.1mm Air knife length: 0.2-3m
2.adjustable width of the outlet (minimum 0.1mm)
3.All stainless steel SUS304 or 316L material, acid and alkali resistance
4.According to the aerodynamic principle design, wind resistance is small, wind speed is average.
5.pressure can be 5kgf / cm2, wind speed up to 400m / s, can blow hot air, temperature can be 250 ℃
6.can be used for drying water, isolated curtain、water curtain, etc., to reduce the cold / hot air loss
7.Widely used in circuit boards, plating parts, film drying

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